Fun, freedom and pleasure in the city: Audio escapades through a feminist lens

Menaka Raman, Radhika Viswanathan

Duration: 90 mins
Number of Participants: 50
Age group: 18 and above

🗓 26th January 2024
11:00 am – 12:30 pm

‘City of Women’ is a joy ride into the calculated strategies, backdoor negotiations, and absurd lengths women go to have fun and feel free in their city. Join the producers of this podcast for an immersive audio-storytelling experience. The interactive session will explore why we need women’s stories about occupying and navigating urban spaces for fun and what it takes to make engaging audio. Participants can bring their own stories of the city to share.

Singing Kabir

Vipul Rikhi

Duration: 90 mins
No of participants: 35
Age group: 15 and above

🗓 26th January 2024
11:30 am – 1:00 pm 

The workshop will focus on a folk song of Kabir, explore its possible meanings and interpretations in depth, and the participants will learn to sing the song along with the facilitator. Singing in a group and feeling the energy of the song are the main focus of the session. All are welcome. No prior experience of music or singing is necessary.

Hum Hindustani: The Poetry of Citizenship

Samina Mishra

Duration: 60 mins
No of participants: 20
Age group: 12-14 years

🗓 26th January 2024
:00pm – 3:00 pm 

What does fraternity mean? What does it look like – in the home, at school, in the neighbourhood, or in the country? Does the fact that the Constitution of India promises this to all citizens mean that we all feel bound together? Drawing from the Hum Hindustani project, this session explores the idea of fraternity and belonging through a poetry-writing exercise, harnessing the power and possibility of poetry to see the world in a new way. The session encourages participants to draw from their everyday lives and to reflect on their sense of belonging, to wonder if this key idea in the Constitution can open a window to the world we seek to live in.

Just Play – Life Lessons from Traditional Games

Vinita Sidhartha

Duration: 150 mins
No of participants: 40 (10 Groups of 4 participants)
Age group: Open to all

🗓 26th January 2024
⏱2:00–4:30 pm

The book Just Play – Life Lessons from Traditional Games (2022) focuses on three key aspects of learning that we can distil from our traditional games – strategy, synergy, and survival. Numerous management gurus and life coaches have also focused on these three aspects for personal and professional growth. The workshop will focus on one game from each category, selecting games that are linked to Hyderabad and are particularly recognizable due to their popularity in the Telugu-speaking states. Proposed games include Puli Meka, Dahdi, and Ashtaa Chemma.

Learn Norwegian Folk Art – Rosemaling

Akbari Heena
Duration: 90 mins
Number of Participants: 25+25
Age group: Open to All

Number of Workshops: 2

Date & Time: 26 January 2024 | 3:15 – 4:45 pm
27 January 2024 | 4:00 – 5:30 pm

Rosemaling Art is a captivating Norwegian folk art, showcasing intricate decorative painting characterized by vibrant floral motifs, flowing scrolls, and rich colours. Originating in the 18th century, rosemaling has deep roots in Norwegian culture, with distinct regional styles reflecting local influences. Artists skillfully blend stylized flowers and geometric patterns, creating visually striking designs on various surfaces, such as wood and metal. The art form experienced a revival in the 20th century, gaining recognition beyond Norway’s borders. Rosemaling has evolved incorporating contemporary elements while preserving its traditional essence. Today, enthusiasts and artists worldwide appreciate rosemaling for its cultural significance, embodying a harmonious fusion of history, craftsmanship, and artistic expression.

Yoga for Yoga Teachers

G Chandrakanth
Duration: 120 mins
Number of Participants: 20
Age group: Senior Citizens

🗓 27th January 2024
:00 – 11:00 am 

For all Hyderabad teachers who are seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of Yoga, the programme will focus on a systematic approach to performing Asanas, incorporating Sukshma vyayama for enhanced flexibility, and exploring forgotten practices such as Shutkriyas to cleanse both body and mind. Traditional Pranayamas, including Ashta Kumbhakas, will be covered, along with teachings on Pratyahara, Dharana, and Dhyana (meditation). All teachers are invited to engage in meaningful discussions and enrich their knowledge in this holistic journey of self-discovery.

The Art of Storytelling

Pankaj, Naveed Mulki
Duration: 90-120 mins
Number of Participants: 30
Age group: 15 and above

🗓 27th January 2024
⏱11:00–1:00 pm

A story, any story, is never simple. It has within it endless layers of careful construction and whimsical intuition. It is a universe you create, but it is also a universe that finds you, takes birth in your presence, and often outgrows you. This is a session that investigates all of the many ways to not only find a story but the countless ways to tell it. We investigate the roles of the environment, time, character, mood, movement, restraint, and on it goes.

The Endless Possibilities of Cacao

Chaitanya Muppala, Manam Chocolate
Duration: 120 mins
Number of Participants: 15+15
Age: Open for all

Number of Workshops: 2

🗓 27 & 28th January 2024
⏱11:00 am–1:00 pm (On both days)

This session starts with a brief history of Cacao, starting from its Mesoamerican origin and culminating in the present-day transformation into the world of craft chocolate. It traverses three centuries and multiple geo-political events and how they affected the story of Cacao and chocolate and tries to speak about what the future might hold for chocolate and how we at Manam Chocolate see ourselves fit into that narrative. This discussion will be followed by a profiling session that forms an introduction to appreciating craft chocolate. It includes an introduction to aroma training, taste training, and takes the audience through tasting various samples of craft chocolate and defects (Industrial Chocolate).

Tactile Painting for the Sighted

Aishwarya Pillai
Duration: 180 minutes
Number of Participants: 30 sighted individuals
Age group: 15 and above

🗓 27th January 2024
⏱2:00–5:00 pm

The workshop aims to raise awareness about accessible art in the community and teach sighted individuals a new style of art. Aishwarya Pillai believes that it is crucial to provide opportunities for people to explore their creativity and engage with art in innovative ways. By introducing sighted participants to 3D painting, we can not only expand their artistic horizons but also promote inclusivity in the art world.

Story of the Origin of the Earth

Durga Bai & Subhash Vyam
Duration – 120 minutes
Number of Participants: 50
Age group – 15 and above

🗓 27th January 2024
⏱2:00–4:00 pm

The Gond tribes of Central India have a rich tradition of storytelling through art. This workshop focusses on one such story — the Gondi story of the Origin of the Earth. Durgabai Vyam and Subhash Vyam will introduce us to the distinctive style and themes of the art of the Gonds. Come, experience an ancient artistic tradition!

Mobility (Sukshma Vyayama) and Therapy Movements for Senior Citizens

G Chandrakanth

Duration: 120 mins
No of Participants: 20
Age group: Senior Citizens

🗓 28th January 2024
⏱9:00–11:00 am

This yoga session is dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of senior citizens, addressing their specific health concerns. Tailored for individuals with unique needs, the session focuses on gentle and positive movements for the neck and shoulders, beneficial for those dealing with issues like spondylitis, stiff shoulders, and backache. Additionally, the session provides targeted exercises for respiratory challenges such as asthma, sinus, and chronic cold. For abdominal concerns like indigestion, constipation, and acidity, specific yoga practices are incorporated. The session also includes traditional breathing exercises (traditional pranayama) such as Nadishodhana, Surya bedana, Ujjayi, Bhastrika, and Bramari. Participants are encouraged to freely discuss any health issues they may have, fostering a supportive and personalized yoga experience.

A Peaceful Movement – for dancers and non-dancers

Nayantara & Nalini Nanda Kumar

Duration: 60 mins
Number of Participants: 30
Age: Open to All

🗓 28th January 2024
⏱12:00–1:00 pm 

There is a dancer in every one of us regardless of training or absence of it. Nayantara Nanda Kumar invites you to an inward quest to find that dancer. Spoken Word for this workshop is by Storyteller Nalini Nanda Kumar.

Cooking Workshop FOR ADULTS

Sridevi Jasti

Duration: 60-75 mins
Number of Participants: 20+
Age: 18 and above

🗓 28th January 2024
⏱2:00–3:30 pm 

Level Up Your Food Game with Sridevi Jasti’s Culinary Masterclass! Forget takeouts and bland salads, adults! Are you ready to unlock the secrets of delicious, healthy eating and transform your kitchen into a haven of vibrant flavour? This one-hour masterclass will level up your cooking skills and nourish your body like never before.

This masterclass is more than just a cooking lesson; it’s an investment in your health, happiness, and culinary confidence. So, ditch the processed food and join Sridevi Jasti on this delicious journey! Get ready to learn, laugh, and cook your way to a healthier, happier you. Sign up today and let the culinary magic begin!

Zines for Science

Ipsa Jain

Duration: 120 mins
Number of Participants: 20
Age: Open for All

🗓 28th January 2024
⏱2:00–4:00 pm 

A hands-on workshop by scientist-turned-artist Ipsa Jain will help participants interrogate Hyderabad and make ‘zines’. This is a SciCity Hyderabad initiative. The ‘Zines for Science’ workshop will bring together objects, photos, books, and other physical materials that are redolent of Hyderabad and ask participants to employ a scientific method of inquiry to interrogate the material. These can be old photos, or attar, or a boulder. The participants will try and capture what emotions, memories, and ideas those materials evoke in them through words and art. They will then string the ideas into a narrative arc to produce a zine.



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