This edition of The NRB’s Youngistan Nukkad at Hyderabad Literary Festival focuses on art created by the youth and its impact on society. The events will be an amalgamation of creative art forms performed in an exclusive space dedicated to the youth at the most happening festival in the city. New elements in the form of featured acts, street gallery, poetry circle, workshops, open mics, and reading party ensure an entertaining variety. The youth corner will celebrate art, dreams, passion, fun, and responsibilities as the future citizens of the world. Enjoy the sheer vibrancy that will emanate from this corner!

Some highlights:

  • Musical Storytelling: ‘Agar tum sath ho’ is a story about music, a brother-sister bond, and togetherness narrated live with musical compositions.
  • The Author’s Spotlight: A session curated with young and upcoming writers from across the country, bringing their books on various themes – community, crime thriller, sports etc to the festival.
  • Workshops: We will have workshops for the very first time in YN and it includes a theatre workshop and a workshop on composing original song melodies.
  • Mann ki Mehfil: A session on mental health brings the incredible Helly Shah from Mumbai along with music and a theatrical dance performance under this theme.
  • The Film Lab: A conversation on Sci-fiction in Indian movies is a first ever in YN!
  • Poetry Circle: This session is all about bringing music and poetry coming together to create the perfect aura of blissfulness.
  • The Climate Samvad: This session has a rap and a theatrical ballad on the need of hour theme – Climate Change.
  • Original music by Band Vivid: Band Vivid is set to perform, for the very first time, their set of originals that speak about the raw energy of life, the energy that makes us real, makes us human, makes us, us.
  • Revive and Remix Box: A dedicated upcycle box for people to donate their old clothes, books, and old bottles for upcycling.
  • Art Gallery: Art Gallery shall be a curated street art display of young writers, artists, photographers, and memers on love, life, climate change and science.



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