The culture stream at HLF 2024 includes performances, theatre, music, and dance that will have a wide appeal. 

This year’s culture stream includes performances by:


🗓 26th January 2024
:00 pm – 8:15 pm
Genre: Rock
Venue: Amphitheatre

Khalid Ahamed – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Sachin Banandur – Drums and percussions
Fidel D’Souza – Bass
Bharath Kashyap – Guitar

Parvaaz is a contemporary Indian music band whose sound can be best described as a blend of prog/psychedelic rock with elements of folk and world music. They have been a hot favourite in the indie music space and have a cult-like following on the ground. They were on the cover of Rolling Stone India (May 2018) with the magazine calling them “India’s Most Exciting Band”. They also won the Toto Music Award (2015) and the Judges Choice for “Best Rock Artist” at the Radio City Freedom Awards (2017). The band underwent a lineup change in 2021 and embarked on a multi-city tour called “The Full Circle Tour.” They played to huge audiences across multiple venues during the tour. The band has so far released an EP titled “Behosh” in 2012 and the critically acclaimed album titled “Baran” in 2014 and their second full length studio album “Kun” in 2019. Their new single was released in September 2022.

The Endless Mind

A Vyuti Dance Company production in collaboration with Fragment of Light

🗓 27th January 2024
:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Venue: Amphitheatre

Concept, Choreography and Direction: Aranyani Bhargav
Performers: Akshata Joshi, Aranyani Bhargav, Gayatri Shetty, Seher Noor Mehra
Music: Fragment of Light (Ganesh Krishnaswamy & Leslie Charles)

‘The Endless Mind’ is an abstract dance and musical exploration of Annamacharya’s 15th century metaphysical poem ‘kadal udipi neeradaga…’. Choreographed by Artistic Director of Vyuti, Aranyani and performed by the Vyuti dancers, this 50-minute work depicts the narrative of the poetry through the abstraction and deconstruction within Bharatanatyam.

You say you’ll bathe when the waves subside
Is there an end to the endless mind?

You say “Let me first quench my thirst, then I’ll find the truth”
Why should thirst be quenched? How can you know truth?
You say you’ll bathe when the waves subside
Is there an end to the endless mind?

All these days, you have a body
Why should longing cease? How can you find joy?
You say you’ll bathe when the waves subside
Is there an end to the endless mind?

You say “After I know what lies ahead, then I’ll forget what was before” Can you know what lies ahead?
How can you forget what was before?
You say you’ll bathe when the waves subside
Is there an end to the endless mind?

That goodness that comes from knowing how to reach god You won’t find it in your wildest dreams.
Is there an end to the endless mind? Is there an end? Is there an end? Is there an end?

The music has been composed by ‘Fragment of Light’, which is a duo that explores musical compositions and ambient landscapes. It can be broadly classified as ambient drone music inspired by Brian Eno and Pandit Pran Nath. Fragment of Light consists of Ganesh Krishnaswamy (Bevar Sea, Kryptos, Megadrone) and Leslie Charles (Thermal And A Quarter, Megadrone, and a renowned producer). The music for ‘The Endless Mind’ is different to what traditional Bharatanatyam typically accompanies – it is not lyrical, but mood-based and abstract. The ambient, drone-like music is inspired by various musical traditions from around the world.

Dakta Dub

🗓 28th January 2024
:15 pm – 8:30 pm
Genre: Reggae

Through Bass Sanskriti, Dakta Dub along with his crew curated some of the finest bass music dances in India, featuring local and international artists playing dub to jungle and everything in-between. Dakta Dub has held monthly residencies at hometown Hyderabad and across India, gaining national recognition as a harbinger of the nation’s budding sound system culture.

Monkey Sound System is a custom hand-built 5-way system with 14000W power designed and built by Mr.Taus (UK) as per the personal taste of Dakta Dub. Among all speaker boxes, Sub-Bass boxes tend to be the arsenal of Monkey Sound System, with Hog Scoop as the weapon of choice.



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