HLF promotes artistic expression through paintings, sketches, sculptures, onsite installations, and other forms of visual art. It facilitates an open and interactive dialogue between artists and audiences.

This year’s exhibits include:

Exhibition Title: Buoyant Landscapes – Hyderabad

Curated by Amshu Chukki

The curator of the last Kochi student biennale, Amshu Chukki will be curating the works of 12 students from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to create a complete exhibition.

Participating artists: Soumyajit Banerjee (‘Series of Homely History’), Kovviri Rajasekhar (‘Other Side of the Geotube’), Sarvagya J. Nair (‘Nobel Man’), Farhin Afza (‘Dast e Saba’), Selavu Kndukuri (‘Musings of Life’), Manoj Kumar (‘Beast Within’), Shanta Devi (‘Kalaa Maalika’), Mothe Mahesh (‘worms within…’, ‘Untitled’), Kiran Tamboskar (‘Blindspot’), Godisela Sowmya (‘Wound up’), K Srilatha (‘Gongadi Kathalu’), Meera KM (‘And as we breathed’). 

The show examines critical practices emerging from art institutions in Hyderabad, such as the SN School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad, Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, and JNAFAU. It aims to identify parallels, create dialogues across institutions within the city, and reconsider artistic practice, pedagogy, and the role of the student/artist in the post-pandemic moment. The pandemic disrupted individual lives and institutional practices necessitating new modes of collaboration, exchange, and finding spaces for ideation and production became a balancing act and an escape from forced isolation. In this context, buoyancy might be a critical state of being to understand and locate new artistic positions. The students, through their works, foreground conditions, methodologies, and propositions, conjure an atmosphere that articulates this buoyant force. The works produced in this show possess a magnitude equal to the measure of time lost to healing and recovering from the pandemic. 

Exhibition Title: Drawings

by Maude Miquau

They explore the contemporary perception of trees as utilitarian objects, contrasting it with the historical reverence they once held in various cultures, aiming to challenge mental associations with words and encourage a shift from viewing trees as mere objects to recognizing them as subjects with cultural significance. 

by Aishwarya


Visually impaired artist Aishwarya T.V, inspired by the inaccessibility of traditional art, turned to 3D paintings using everyday items, creating over 26 remarkable pieces and intricate models like a human heart and the Titanic after losing her eyesight at 18.

by Aquin Mathews

Founder and Festival Director of the Indian Photo Festival will use the Hyderabad Literary Festival as a platform to express his artistic voice and exhibit his photographs.

Life at Kapra Lake

From humans to birds, turtles and fish and to boys and children. What is it, we as custodians of the lake leave behind for those dependent on the lake and for our future generations? These beautiful photographs at Kapra Lake capture the nature and beauty of this lake. 

Exhibition Title: Cidākāśa

by Srivi Kalyan

These works delve into the profound realms of inner consciousness, describing the transformative journey from inner quietude to the boundless expanse of eternity, where the artist finds inspiration in creations that bridge the form and formless, drawing from the mystical, rootless, and poetic essence of undifferentiated consciousness.

IPF Preview

A preview of the Indian Photo Festival will be exhibited at Hyderabad Literary Festival in a specially curated bus which gives a glimpse of the festival.

Exhibition & Workshop Title: Science-themed Exhibits

Gene-Health Connect

A mobile science exhibition on genes and their role in our health and well-being.

CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology

“It’s in your genes,” we say this often. But what exactly are genes, how can they store information, and what kind of information can they store? This mobile science exhibition will answer these questions and tell you how genes and health are intricately connected. More details: https://scitales.ccmb.res.in/mobile-science-exhibition-gene-health-connect/

Magnetize your Creativity: Superheroes Against Superbugs

Superbugs are one of the topmost global killers today. And most of us don’t know about them. So, we need superheroes, like you, to come and understand these superbugs, make fun and pretty magnets, and spread the word. More details: https://sasuperbugs.org/

STEM Booths

Who do you think scientists are? What kinds of questions are they solving? Why are they engaging with such questions? Come and interact with scientists from various research institutes and universities across the city, and discuss with them the science that they do and the ones that you think are important for us, as a society, to address.



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