Vineeta Bal

Vineeta Bal obtained an MD in microbiology and worked as a researcher in immunology in different academic settings in India and abroad, including the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi. Presently she teaches at IISER, Pune. She has over 100 papers to her credit in immunology. She has been active in the feminist movement in Delhi and now in Pune. Her interest in ‘inequality experienced by women scientists while pursuing their careers’ stems from this background. She was a member (2004-2008) of the Task Force on Women in Science set up by the Government of India. She has written on feminism, science and society, and women and health, primarily in English and Marathi.


3:40–4:25 pm

28 Jan HLF 2023 - Day 2

Literary Sessions | Women in Science

Nasreen Ehtesham, Vineeta Bal in conversation with Sagari Ramdas