Sudarshan Vig

Sudarshan Vig is the CEO of Merlinwand, a publishing startup focused on allowing children to unleash their creativity and potential through an amalgamation of personalized storytelling, art, and technology. Prior to co-founding Merlinwand, he was associated with multiple high-growth startups. An avid art enthusiast, he widely supports the Hyderabad independent art scene including poetry, music, dance, and theatre. He is also a professional photographer and cinematographer. Most recently, he has contributed to the documentary which is an ode to Hyderabad’s rocks, The Other Kohinoors: Rocks of Hyderabad.


11:15–12:00 pm

29 Jan HLF2023 - Day 3

Nanha Nukkad| Of Gobbledygook and Balderdash Story relay

by Sudarshan Vig and Neha Jain