Pritha Sardessai

Pritha Sardessai is a practicing architect from Goa. Passionate about Goa‘s culture and heritage, she engages in numerous heritage related activities. In collaboration with a children’s library ‘Bookworm’, she conducted heritage walks for children in the city of Panaji. She has to her credit a book called Cholta Cholta: Walking tours of Panaji (2018). She is involved in the revival of the ‘Kunbi kapodd’, the traditional saree worn by the women of Goa’s indigenous Gawda community. She is an active member of Goa Heritage Action Group and was recently involved in organizing the Goa Heritage Festival in November 2022.

Speaker @ HLF 2023


2:30–3:30 pm

27 Jan HLF2023 - Day 1

Keynote: Ink of Dissent: Language, Literature, and Freedoms

Damodar Mauzo in conversation with Pritha Sardessai

3:00–4:00 pm

29 Jan HLF2023 - Day 3

Stage Talks | Dhalo and Fugdi—A Cultural Expression

by Pritha Sardessai