Nuril Basri

Nuril Basri was born in Indonesia and raised in a staunchly Islamic community. His writing spans tragicomedy and bildungsroman, with themes around loneliness, insecurity, friendship, dysfunctional family, and LGBT. His works have been translated into English and Malay. Published works include Not a Virgin (2017) and Love, Lies, and Indomee (2019). He was awarded a grant by the National Book Committee of Indonesia to complete a residency in the UK in 2017, and recently received a grant from Robert Bosch Stiftung & Literarisches Colloquium Berlin ‘Crossing Borders’ to conduct research in Germany for his next novel. Nuril Basri appears at HLF 2022 with the support of the International Literature Showcase Collaboration Fund. The International Literature Showcase is a partnership between the National Centre for Writing and the British Council.
Year: 2022