Kamalakar Pasupuleti

Kamalakar Pasupuleti is a theoretical physicist who hails from an old Hyderabadi family. He served the Defence Research & Development Laboratory, Hyderabad in many capacities. For many years now, he has been running a popular blog (kamalp.blogspot.com) putting together his first-hand memories of the sights, sounds, and smells of the Hyderabad of his childhood. He has also been diligently collecting and posting information on the courtesans, singers, musicians, poets, actors and directors who sprung from or made the city their home, the fine days of Deccan Radio, and the film-going culture of its citizens, and Hyderabad’s contribution to Indian cinema. Much of this material was brought out in the book Music and Arts in Hyderabad Deccan (2017). He has since published two more books: The Lost Treasure: Early Hindustani Talkies (2018) and Arrival of British & Hollywood movies in Nizam's Dominions (2020). He now lives in the U.S.