G. Chandrakanth

Sri G Chandrakanth, Director of the Chetana Center for Yoga and Health Education, boasts 40+ years as a Yoga luminary. Trained by revered gurus like Sri Ramananda Yogi, Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda Yogi, and Dhirendra Brahmachary (teacher to Nehru and Indira Gandhi's family), he blends tradition with classical Yoga wisdom. He introduced Yoga into Hyderabad Public School's curriculum and conducted transformative global workshops. He learned yoga from Vishwayatan Yogashram Katra Vaishnavi Devi (J&K) under Dhirendra Brahmachary. Honored with the 'Telangana Vaidya Ratna' award, he advocates holistic well-being through Yoga, emphasizing love, gratitude, and inner beauty for lasting happiness.