Des Raj Kali

Des Raj Kali is a Punjabi writer of fiction. His short story collections include Kath Kali (‘Stories of Kali’, 1996), Fakiri (‘Mendicancy’, 2006), and Yahan Chai achhi nahi banti (‘Good Tea is not served here’, 2015). Parneshwari (2008) was the first in his ‘Nar-Natak’ (the male play) series of novels followed Antheen (‘Eternal’, 2008), Pratham Pauran (First Puran, 2009), Shanti Parav (2009), and Shehar vich Sahn honn da Matlab (‘What it means to be a Bull in the Town’, 2018). His writing reinterprets Indian myths from Dalit perspective and re-presents the marginalised materialistic traditions of Charavaks, Buddhas, Siddhas, and Nath Yogis.
Year: 2022