Bishan Sahai

Bishan Sahai, a nonagenarian, is a post-graduate Business Administration diplomate from Delhi University. He is a retired corporate manager who has held senior executive, advisory, and board-level positions in engineering and pharmaceutical companies. He is an occasional writer and writes mainly on governance and management-related subjects. Known for his brevity, precision, and wit, he has in his book Our World: A Symphony of Drabbles by Three Generations interwoven anecdotes mostly from his workplace and related interactions with colleagues and friends. He is also the author of Dilemma: Management Book of Questions (2021).

Speaker @ HLF 2023, 2021

4:30–5:00 pm

28 Jan HLF 2023 - Day 2

Storytelling | Ruchi Ranjan


Venue: Ground Floor Verandah (Next to the Office)