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Treasure Walks

Rock Walk

The Society to Save Rocks


The Society to Save Rocks, started in 1996, is the only NGO in the country working exclusively for the preservation of the magnificent rock formations of the Deccan which are estimated to be 2500 million years old.

The HLF Rock Walk will give you a unique opportunity to discover a small but significant sampling of Deccan rocks and understand the role rocks play in your life. The Society will introduce you to the sheer beauty of rock formations, the flora and fauna they sustain, and the sport of bouldering which can be great fun and a group activity that fosters camaraderie.

The rock walk explores the rockscape of the Hyderabad Public School. It promises to rekindle your love for the outdoors and leave you with a gentle reminder that our 2500 million-year-old Deccan rocks are well worth protecting. What better way than a relaxed walk through Nature’s museum!

Tree Walk – Baobabs and more

Kobita Dass Kolli and Sadhana Ramchander

Come for a tree walk to look at the baobabs and other spectacular trees on the HPS campus.