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Kathaparichill - Kerala on the wings of words........A storytelling journey

 Katha Cheppava Ammamma


Kathaparichill – Kerala on the wings of words……..A storytelling journey
Deepa Kiran

From the story of the ‘pepper corn that ran away’ to the popular ‘Aithirimala’, Kerala is a treasure trove of tales, tall and short, that are sure to charm you. Storyteller Deepa Kiran brings an evening of stories brewed with a little of this and that: adventure, non-sense, humour, and horror from the Malayalam language. The stories will be narrated in English, with little ditties from Malayalam woven in. A special journey through the land of Kerala and its unique rich cultural heritage. A journey not on an airplane or in a train, boat or bus, tractor or bullock cart…. but on the wings of words. Young and old will take this ticket-less travel together through space and time. The most eco-friendly, fuel-free soujourn, indeed! Come, let us take the bridge across borders though stories, love, and laughter.

Katha Cheppava Ammamma

In this session, Chamundeswari will talk about her podcast “Katha Cheppava Ammamma” (Eshwari Stories for kids in Telugu). She will talk about how all the episodes of the podcast are progressive in approach and explain issues like environment in the current context. She will also talk about how using the podcast as a medium, she has reached audiences in different regions of the world.

Neha Khaitian


 Being a Bharatanatyam dancer, I included elements of classical dance like abhinaya or expressions, mudras or hand gestures and body language, into my storytelling sessions at schools and NGOs. Under the constant encouragement and guidance of my Guru, Late Smt. Hemamalini Arni, this gradually blossomed into the storytelling initiative ‘Anekdotes—many stories’. I created a YouTube Channel where I post new stories every other Saturday.

‘Anekdotes’ metamorphosed from a simple dance-based storytelling session into a narrative of stories with dance sequences set to classical music. Performances of this kind could be the best way to introduce to the younger generation the rich tradition of classical dramatic storytelling, which in turn could lead to its revival.

I will be accompanied by accomplished musicians Sri Sai Kolanka, and Dr Srikanth a senior Mridangam Artist. Sri Sai composes various music and jathi or rhythmic patterns and the dance snippets will be choreographed on these patterns.