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Stage Talks

Challenging Conservation of Temples in Chambal Valley

The Weight of a Petal: Ars Botanica

Frida Folk: Design as Narrative

  “Let’s Talk Trash”: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Script to Screen

Challenging Conservation of Temples in the Chambal Valley by K.K. Muhammed

Bateshwar group of temples are located fifty kilometres from Gwalior deep in the Chambal Valley dominated by dreaded dacoits. Here, more than 200 temples of 9-11 centuries were lying in ruins. After protracted negotiations with the dacoits, K.K Muhammed, then the Chief of Archaeological Survey of India in MP, was able to piece together 80 of the 200 temples. But once the area was freed from the dacoits by the combined action of MP and UP police, it was taken over by the powerful mining mafia whose rampant mining became a threat to the conserved temples. In this Stage Talk, K.K. Muhammed, the man who spearheaded the temple reconstruction project, shares with you the agony and the ecstasy of fighting against the odds and reconstructing 80 temples from bits and pieces.

The Weight of a Petal: Ars Botanica by Sita Reddy, Henry Noltie, Rizio Yohannan, Lina Vincent & Meena Subramaniam

For the first time in its 73-year history, Marg magazine – India’s oldest art journal – devotes a special issue to the topic of botanical art. This visually rich volume pulls together multiple genres of botanical art to trace a broad historical arc from archives to contemporary works; from Mughal-era illuminated manuscripts that identify medicinal plants to colonial-era drawings and watercolour paintings that map regional flora. Throughout, the aim is to highlight lesser-known, unnamed indigenous artists in what has been called the ‘Company School’/Kampani kalam style of art – in an effort to speak to the decolonization debates in archival, museum and heritage worlds. Guest editor Sita Reddy, lead essayist Henry Noltie, Rizio Yohannan of Marg, and two contributors (curator Lina Vincent and artist Meena Subramaniam) will walk us through the making of this issue. The panel will flag the Hyderabad launch of the Marg issue as well as the upcoming exhibition on Company botanical prints that will open at Goethe Zentrum in February 2019.

Frida Folk: Design as Narrative by Ragini Sirugur

To ‘design’ a book is to essentially bring together text and images and create a meaningful experience through a play of image, form and function – an experience that puts forward new perspectives, questions, and thoughts. But how does this process happen? What exactly does a book designer do? Join us for an interactive session on design as storytelling and the role of the designer in the book-making process. We look at Frida Folk, a new title from Tara Books, and a visual recreation of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s life and art that features a staggering variety of objects, images, souvenirs and photographs, created by people around the world. Ragini Siruguri, the designer of the book, explains the various decisions and challenges – design, editorial, translation – that shaped this complex yet fascinating book.

“Let’s Talk Trash”: Looking Back, Moving Forward by Shubhashree

The interactive session explores lessons we can learn from our earlier generations with a focus on how they were pretty effortlessly #zerowaste, even before it became a trending hashtag. The talk seeks to make you think about our consumption patterns and how the choices we make have a lasting impact on our planet. Ideas will be shared on simple, everyday things we can do to reduce our waste footprint and leaving the earth a little less messy for our future generations without breaking the bank.

Script to Screen by Raj Malik

Filmmaking is an artform which involves almost all art faculties, and the process of recreating life through light and sound involves various intricate stages. We get an insight into the journey a film goes through from an idea, to a story which is told on the screen through artists from various disciplines. Is the movie business an honourable and stable career option? What are the challenges in the modern world for film makers? Is technology guided by art or vice versa? What is the relevance of creativity and commerce in the current scenario? Is there a shift in content consumption from the big screen to portable devices? Join us for an interactive session on film production and its various verticals, film distribution, marketing and much more. The session will reveal how a thought transforms into a movie, and its road map leading to the audience.