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Livres en vie” (‘Books alive’) by Jean-Marc Godès

Livres en Vie will expose few unique masterpieces of the plastic photographer Jean-Marc Godès. His entire artistic research is dedicated to the promotion of the repositories of words and books, through photography. Godès’ works is at the crossroads of art, photography, poetry and literature. His photographs are known to arouse a strong desire to continue the course of stories that have been highlighted in the images. In fact, these images have often been used as starting point for written works. His photos are frequently exhibited in France, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Romania, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Lithuania, Guinea, and China. The social and cultural utility of his works is at the core of his interests. That’s why he leads regular experimentation in the following places: libraries, schools, center of struggle against illiteracy, poesy center.